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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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in the first season, three time widowed ben cart right and sons adam haas and joe competed against perry mason. offer sunday night top ten hit. ratings slid after the loss of haas. cancelled the series in the middle of the 14th season. the cart wright family galloped on to television 52 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, monday september the 12th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in. o'reilly doesn't have this good music. [theme song] >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [chanting u.s.a. -- >> vicious protests 9/11 not just overseas. some pundits calling shameful and a terrorist nation. we will deal with them this
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evening. >> what we have done is we have been able to stabilize the economy. >> bill: president obama sending the american jobs act to congress where he surely knows it will not pass. brit hume has the inside story. so beck is back looking like an aging rock star. he has the goatee going on. >> bill: glenn beck back on the factor. he has a big new network and he will tell us about it. >> bill: i want you to clean up though, okay? >> i will try. >> bill: also tonight, a very important announcement about the wounded warrior project. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more controversy over 9/11. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last week i didn't do much analysis on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attack because it's a very emotional
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issue for me. close friends of mine lost family members in the neighborhood on which i live on long island suffered scores of casualties. so i wanted to low key things last week. but now, now, some radical muslims and radical left americans are insulting, insulting the memory of some of those lost on 9/11. in london a bunch of muslims and extremists protested in grove nor square. [chanting u.s.a. terror state] >> bill: obviously disgusting exposition and troubling. we should not dismiss those crazy extremists even though they do not speak for the majority of muslims around the
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world. they are still dangerous. now, back home some far left pundits continue to blame america for the chaos in countries like pakistan and somalia. that's right you pinheads. it's our fault that pakistan, one of the poorest countries on earth and their citizens continue to kill each other for absolutely no reason. yeah, it's america's fault. also some poisonous 9/11 rhetoric was also on display. far left radical paul krugman a columnist for the "new york times" wrote this on the "times" blog, quote: what happened after 9/11 was deeply shameful. the atrocity should have been a unifying event. instead it became a wedge issue. fake heros like bernie character, rudy giuliani, and yes george w. bush raced to cash in on the horror. the memory of 9/11 has been irrevokably poisoned and it became an occasion for shame and in its heart, the nation knows it misguided individual and i do not take anything he says. is he angry because his economic policies have failed dismally
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and the president he reveres is in deep trouble. so krugman is acting out, insulting his country on the anniversary of 9/11. that is truly despicable. then there is former times reporter chris hedges writing on another blog, quote, our brutality and triumphism, the by products of nationalism in our infantile pride we revived the jihadist movement. we descended to its barbarity. we became tears too. >> unquote. according to hedges we are as bad as the al qaeda killers. the reason i am pointing this stuff out, the rantings of far left loons some of their more moderate con fed der rats do not con item the statements. the "new york times" pays krugman to spout this stuff. yeah. we do have freedom of speech but there is also a responsibility in the journalistic and political communities, is there not? calling america a terrorist nation for aggressively defending itself is provocative in the extreme. all clear thinking americans should condemn it that's the
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memo. now reaction from two liberal pundits joining us now from reno, nevada, chairman of the democratic party in south carolina. fox news contributor leslie marshall. are you going to condemn, this leslie? >> no, i'm not, bill. first amendment aside, because quite frankly although i don't believe we are a nation of terrorists and i don't believe all of the wording of both of these writings. do i believe that 9/11 had both a uniting and a dividing effect. that is sad. do i believe it is wrong, whether for political gain or for profit left or right to profit politically like i said or financially from the pain and the death, you know, out of home homage to the families. we saw politicians do it on left and right. how many book deals and movies and made for tv specials there. were i think it's essential that the american people know how everyone feels and arrive at their own decisions. i personally would not condemn.
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>> bill: is he not getting into the economics of the matter krugman. is he simply saying that our reactions to protect the american people and, remember, leslie, president obama has kept in place many rges most of the bush anti-terror methods. guantanamo bay, rendition, all of those. okay? so, i'm surprised that you are not condemning this red rick that puts the american society, puts us all in the position of being terrorists and shameful. i'm not ashamed of our reaction after 9/11. are you? are you ashamed of america's reaction after 9/11. >> i'm not ashamed at all. bill, you described me as a liberal pundit. i'm chairman of the south carolina party. i just got back from a dnc annual meeting. i didn't hear anybody there condemning the united states on the democratic party perspective. >> bill: one more minute, that may be true but i don't hear anybody condemning from the democratic party condemning krugman and this other guy for
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their rhetoric. they just ignore it don't say a word. >> let me be the first. >> bill: all right. good. >> i think that what they said is wrong. i think their perspective on this is almost bitter. and we have got to understand that our president, barack obama, is the guy that took usama bin laden out of the picture by having him shot and killed. now, i would say that's a pretty aggressive -- pretty finite and pragmatic move on his part. thiss war. and in war some bad things happen. >> bill: look, the prevailing wisdom though on the far left. not the left. and there is a distinction and i'm glad you made it, mr. -- far left nbc news all day long is that we are a terrorist nation, that we should be ashamed of our conduct and that's what i'm trying to get at hour. leslie is not con iteming it, you are. leslie, are you further left he
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is. is that why you are not con iteming it? >> no. i think you know i'm more of one of the moderate lefts. >> bill: why is he condemning it and you are not? >> because i don't condemn a person's right in the united states to be angry at their nation because that changes. >> bill: you don't have to condemn the person. you condemn their words. i didn't condemn these people. i said what they are doing is misguided. it's dangerous. >> i don't agree. i don't agree because. >> bill: you don't agree that what they're doing is misguided? >> i don't agree with 100% of their opinion and, yes, some of what they said is misguided. i do think, bill, that many of us became finer human beings toward each other as americans and as people after 9/11 but that -- even though it's the minority of people, there are a small group of people which you did say are dangerous. that is not the case for. there is further and more discrimination of prejudice not only against muslims but people of color. more division among politics in
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our country and that, to me, is not healthy. i think that was addressed. >> bill: i think you are in the ozone on this one. there is going to be an issue for the democratic party because the loudest voices, the loudest voices are the krugmans, the joy behars, the bill mahers and michael moores, these are the loudest voices and you get tarred with that brush. >> bill, you are wrong with that. again, i just attended this meeting in chicago for two days with every member of the national democratic party and big democrats. there wasn't any michael moore or paul krugman there. the voice of the democratic party is far more moderate than you give it credit for. and to pull people like krugman out and say he is a democrat or somebody associated with barack obama or his parties is absolutely wrong. i am a former prosecutor. i put people in the electric chair. i have a gun. i believe in capital punishment. i believe in this war on terror. and i'm a democrat. >> bill: all right. you know, but your voice has got to be louder then to at least
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compete with the others. >> i'm loud. >> bill: that's why we have you on. [ laughter ] >> and i'm louder. >> bill: appreciate the debate. the american jobs act goes to congress but president obama surely knows it will not pass. brit human will give us the inside story. also, bernie goldberg on today's show ann curie currying favor with mahmoud ahmadinejad in iran. and glenn beck on his new tv venture coming right back. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, president obama sending the american jobs act to congress. he made the announcement at the white house today surrounded by people he says the jobs act will benefit. but surely the president knows the republican dominated house will not pass the legislation because it includes an income tax increase to pay for it, at least we think so. the president will announce that next week. so, why is mr. obama putting us through all of this? joining us now from washington, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. so, as it stands now, you know, he is saying that the corporations and the wealthy americans have to pay their, quote, fair share. i mean, that's just code for, look, i'm going to raise taxes and -- you know the house isn't going. why are we on this merry go round? >> well, two reasons, bill, i think he probably believes and those around him believe that if you have this next burst of extra spending to the tune of nearly half a trillion dollars
5:14 pm
that will, you know, get the blood circulating of cash in the economy and produce some jobs. i think that flies in the face of recent evidence, at least on this economy. but i think that's what they believe. the second benefit for him i sense is that he believes that if it isn't passed in something like its present form he can then use the issue to run against what he will then call, at least the republicans, ao nothing congress next year and that that will give him some harry truman like momentum toward re-election. i don't think that works very well. >> bill: the latter is the centerpiece on this. surely he knows soons he says fair share deal which is code for tax increase not in the face of recession. we are not going to do that we promised we weren't going to do that he knows that. so it's politics but he does get an issue. isn't it true that there are some republicans. not going to vote for anything the president proposes because they want to see him lose and they are just going to say,
5:15 pm
look, whatever he does, we are not going to go for it because the dye is cast. isn't that true? >> actually, i think that's less true than you might imagine. no doubt some republicans who feel that way. it's remarkable how careful they have been about not saying anything like that. the only quotation that the president could site today when he was talking about this idea was a blind quote from a politico article today from some republican aide. in the meantime, house speaker john boehner, majority leader eric cantor have said that they look forward to trying to work for the president on this to see if they can come together on something which i think is the right thing to say and also the politically right thing to say. >> bill: sure. and you know how well that worked out, they are working together with the deficit. that was just, you know, they just seamless. >> in the end, in the end a compromise was reached. it was fought hard it was bloody and it wasn't pretty it got done. the president wanted that and some spending restraint of some size was imposed. >> bill: what got done led to a down grade in the nation's
5:16 pm
economic profile which got us into a bigger mess. so, look, all i'm saying. >> i don't agree with that. >> bill: i think absolutely we are in a bigger mess in september than we were in july. and this so-called deficit compromise added the fire. just threw gasoline on it. but, anyway. look, what we have now is a poisonous at informs mere in washington. wouldn't you say that we have a poisonous at for mere. >> brit: the atmosphere is deeply divided as i have ever seen it. >> bill: we are really rapidly coming into the campaign season. i mean, we are there. we are there. so, if i'm a republican, if i'm boehner and cantor, i'm basically saying, look, i'm not going -- i'm not going to give barack obama a tax increase. number one, i believe it's the wrong thing to do for the economy. and, number two, why would we do that when all the polls say americans have lost faith in his governance? so, i'm saying to myself, this is just a big charade. they can say they are going to talk but nothing is going to
5:17 pm
come of it. >> brit: well, not only that bill, i think it's fair to ask this question at this point. has the u.s. economy, perhaps any other economy ever been subjected to more peace time stimulus, which is what this spending bill, this jobs bill so-called is is another stimulus bill than this one has over the past couple of years? >> bill: no, it's insane. >> not only has there been something in order of a trillion dollars in spending, there has been enormous injection of liquidity by the federal reserve and none of this stimulus has done what is wanted to do or thought it would do and widely regarded by almost universally regarded by the public as a failure. >> bill: that's right. >> now comes the president about another proposed stimulus with a lot of spending in it and i just think the republicans, you know, would be smarted not to be defiant about it but i don't think they are in any political danger for not passing it. no and they won't. so the die will be cast again. the president obama will tell the nation these people are obstructionists, they don't care
5:18 pm
about jobs. they don't care about you. the republicans will say to the folks, "he doesn't know what he is doing. why would we throw more bad money after the stimulus failed in the first place? that's insane." the folk also have to decide who is right. that's what it comes down to, correct? >> that's certainly one way of looking at it, that's for sure. >> bill: i'm a simple man, hume, you know that. i have to boil it down to simple. [ laughter ] britbrit hume, everybody. new poll on republican candidates. glenn beck is back on the factor. he has got a big new project. he will be here to tell us all about it upcoming. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100%, which means the most innovative cars are also the most available cars.
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or, your me a me again. ooh, check it out fred, new foundation. got any of those in my size? [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> personal story segment tonight new poll from cnn about the republican contenders for president just 446 republicans were contacted so the poll is
5:22 pm
very small. rick perry chimes in 32%. mitt romney 21%. ron paul 13%. michele bachmann and newt gingrich'%. juan, governor perry has just destroyed michele bachmann. that's the headline in this poll, correct? >> knocked her out of the box. almost to the point now there is no way in terms of fundraising she is recover so she is a nonfactor. >> bill: you know there is a difference between governor perry and congresswoman bachmann in the sense that perry is really has not defined himself nationally very much. whereas we know the congresswoman the tea party advocate i don't know why her support has fled to him. >> i think there is two key reasons. one is there has been governor of texas. one of the biggest states in the country for 10 years. he is so confident.
5:23 pm
so strong in terms of his position that i think that many of the tea party, the far right in the country and in the party believe that he will do a better job of fighting barack obama of really taking on obama, pushing the issues on obama that. that's what they want and they see him as capable of bringing the fire, bill. >> bill: do you think is he a stronger candidate than michele bachmann, mary katharine? >> i think the jobs record and the executive record in texas is what is a boone to him. what happened is mitt romney sort of had courted the establishment. had the money folks behind him but he didn't have that zing for the tea party folks getting anybody jazzed to some extent but not as much as perry had. michele bachmann had the experience not that perry had and not getting establish backing or big money backing but had that huge zing to the tea party folks. rick perry has been able to mary the two. he reads conservative and they see him and they say okay, he is like me. is he a tea party guy but he has got the executive raise money'
5:24 pm
establishment. i think that's what happened. i was surprised after the first debate that the governor didn't follow in the polls because he had a little problem with the social security. i agree with him. i wouldn't have called him a ponzi scheme i would have said three card monty. they keep moving the stuff around like oh, don't worry about it, we will take the money and pay for it down the road. because ultimately the government is going to have to make good on the social security promises to those over 40 years old. do i believe there will be legislation that's going to change it for younger americans. go ahead, juan. >> i think that romney right now has to make the case that perry is -- can't be elected that he can't be the strongest candidate who would combat barack obama. and to do that. >> bill: how do you make that case? perry can be elected. >> just what mary katharine was saying. let's look at the jobs record.
5:25 pm
is he really an executive who created jobs. >> bill: no, he did. >> romney said in the last. >> bill: it doesn't matr: you are a baseball guy. going to say that joe garrardy is a bad manager on the yankees because he has talent. fizzle charlie manual is a bad manager because he has talent? so they have oil on the ground so what? they use it to their argument. that's dopey. >> you can introduce doubt. that's what romney did in the last debate. he introduced doubt. >> bill: pointing to this poll, didn't it? got 32%. >> you are right. look, this love affair. this infatuation at the moment romney doesn't want it to degenerate into euphoria of a long term love affair i understand what romney has to do. he talks about perry as a former democrat, guy who was very much a supporter of giuliani, hillary clinton and then, of course, he has got to talk about the idea not only social security but
5:26 pm
that he is a guy who real solid a career politician. >> bill: i think all of that is small ball mary katharine. look my ideas is better than his ideas. i'm stronger than the economy than he is if he al gore. come on. >> i think it's tough on the jobs argument for anybody to say oh, who wants those silly no good texas jobs coming over here and have my no jobs. that's not a good comparison. so i think that's a tough place to make inroads. although you can introduce doubt. on the electability think on this poll that came out today. republicans romney has gone security. because that is the one where is he going to say this guy is extreme and he is saying he wants to kill social security although i don't believe that's a responsible argument to make. but, i would also point out in this poll that perry is doing
5:27 pm
better with older voters than perry is doing with younger voters. it hasn't sunk in yet. i imagine romney will continue to make that argument. >> bill: very good. marry catherine and juan thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. glenn beck is back. he has a brand new tv network. he will tell us all about it of course we will give him a little jazz along the way. bernie goldberg on the co-anchor of "the today show" getting up close and personal with the brutal dictator mahmoud ahmadinejad. we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. women built whatever happened to glenn beck. as you know he left fox news a couple months ago to develop internet venture. today gbtv begins. i talked to beck about it a few days ago. beck is back looking like an aging rock star. he has the goatee going on. >> i haven't seen you all summer and you start there?
5:31 pm
>> bill: look like a member of crosby stills and nash. >> look at this. i didn't miss, this bill. i didn't miss this. >> bill: new glasses, the goatee, pretty soon the earring, you have the lobes for it pretty soon the earring and you have got the new gbtv which is why you have shown up. >> that's right. i showed up to say hello to you, my old friend. >> bill: like you and the gold and the gbtv. all right. >> you are going to so regret the gold when the dollar crashes. i know you keep saying it's not going to happen. watch and be amazed. >> bill: i have bow and arrow. i will be all right. two hours of beck. one hour wasn't enough. >> no, it wasn't. america demanded it. this is absolutely true, beck walked in the studio i go who is your first guest. he goes guest? two hours of just you? you ranting? >> why do i need a guest? you have jay carney on last week. last week you just demolished
5:32 pm
him. god bless you. what do i need to do? i don't need to do anything. what i need to do is inform you on what's coming next. so then you can call me crazy for six months and then when it happens you are like so who knew? >> bill: all right. you are just going to bloviate for two hours. >> no, no. this i a whole different thing. this is gbtv is a verb. it's not a noun. this is for people who say okay. now what? now what do we do? what do we do with this information? >> bill: are you going to ask people for their opinions or is it just going to be you? >> no, no. i have hired what i like to call a staff. >> bill: oh, you have sidekicks? >> yes. kind of not sidekicks so much. [ laughter ] >> not so much sidekicks, no. as we have somebody who is in charge of looking at the colleges and universities and they are going to be with the colleges and universities. trying to get them to organize a little bit the conservatives on
5:33 pm
campus. >> bill: all right. >> we have somebody who is really i think kind of my service experts. somebody who is going in. when there is a joplin. when there is a god forbid another 9/11 or something lick that, they will be there. they will be helping. >> bill: hiring experts in various -- -- >> -- political expert. >> bill: good. earlier this week. >> earlier this week. >> bill: republicans on msnbc, that never happens, right? >> big event. and then they actually debated and what did you take away from that debate? >> that i don't like very many of them. >> bill: you don't? >> i don't like very many of them. i took away that mitt romney doesn't understand what a ponzi scheme is because clearly social security is a ponzi scheme. >> bill: you sympathize with governor perry on that. >> yeah. >> bill: i wasn't offended by that either because they did take the money, the federal government, that was supposed to be earmarked for social security and spent it on other things. >> it's a pyramid scheme.
5:34 pm
>> they say they are going to reimburse it. >> i know. so the labor unions with their -- you know, with their pyramid diseem as well. they are doing the same thing with people's retirement. when you have one firemen have to be supported by 40 and those 40 when they retire have to be supported by 40 other it's a pyramid scheme. >> bill: right now would it be fair to say that perry is your guy if you had to make a decision? >> no. i like bachmann. i like rick perry. >> bill: bachmann didn't say much during that debate. did you notice that? she wasn't called on. >> sometimes you don't have to say a lot. no. >> bill: just roll your eyes? >> just once in a while, really? is it just me? and then you have it. >> bill: but she is sinking in the polls. did you know that? >> i don't know that i don't really care about the polls. i don't really care about the polls. you know, i will watch people for what they say and really not at a debate.
5:35 pm
i would much rather look at their record and get a feel for them. the polls when did we become a society that i love this line, he looks so presidential. did you see taft? did you see lincoln with the big wart on his face? why do we care what people look like? >> bill: wasn't tv then. did you know that. >> there may not be tv soon. >> bill: gbtv though. glenn beck launching a brand new venture on the internet. we want everybody to check it out. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> bill: i want you to clean up though, all right? >> i will try. >> bill: of course, we wish our pal beck success. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on today show getting up close and personal with the brutal dictator mahmoud ahmadinejad. and then important announcement about the wounded warrior project. we hope you stick around. when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted?
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. we have no beef. we have no beef against "the today show." i like both lauer and ann cowery. i think they do a professional job. this morning curry ran a softball piece about the brutal dictator ahmadinejad. >> after his 5:00 a.m. prayers mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> good morning mr. president. >> walks from private president in the presidential compound to daily workout. jogging with security team at times seemingly rockie style before sunrise. then to the gym, often lifting weights or cycling. concerned about staying healthy, president ahmadinejad exercises more than 30 minutes every morning. he reaches his spacious but simple office before 7:00 a.m. >> bill: i hope he showered up. now, what was that all about? joining us now from north carolina the purveyor of bernard
5:40 pm mr. goldberg. you can figure this one out, bernie. >> i will give you two possibilities again with the usual proviso that these are just theories. one is she gave him a valentine story hoping to win over the regime and get a real interview for tomorrow's today show. if that's the case, fine. >> bill: don't you lead with your strength? >> yeah, we may not have it thep yet. she may have shown that to show the propaganda ministry or whatever they call it over there to say look we did a nice story. can we get an interview? >> bill: i get it. >> the second possibility is that it is just crummy journalism. that's possible too. i know you like history, bill. let me but the this into some kind of historical context. hitler was often portrayed as playing with his dog and frolicking with school children and looking out from his balcony at the beautiful bavarian
5:41 pm
mountains under a beautiful blue sky. and they did this to make him look like mr. nice guy. but it was the german prop began that industry and not edward r. murrow in american journalists. here you have an american journalist, ann curry. she is portraying another mr. nice guy. a guy that goes out running in the morning, goes to the gym, meets with local artists, flies over to the poorest part of the country to meet with poor old people who love him and all of that now, look, this is something that the propaganda ministry in tran put out i would say what else do you expect? if an american journalist does that, they better be coming back tomorrow morning with something good because otherwise. >> bill: i think people have got to understand that ahmadinejad and the iranians have killed thousands of americans. and they are holding now two hikers they sentenced them to, what, 10 years? kids. kids. and they have fostered terrorism
5:42 pm
in iraq and afghanistan around the world. hezbollah and lebanon. i mean, this is a guy who will go down in history as one of the world's greatest villains. ahmadinejad. >> exactly. >> bill: and the mull also a. >> there you go. >> bill: then we have a guy well, is he up at 5:00 and he runs like rockie, you know. oh my god. >> neither you nor i would want our names on a piece like that with a guy who has done all the things you just outlined. >> bill: i goal to the gym with him but only one of us will come out of gym. >> while he is no hitler, at least at this point he is no hitler. anything is still possible. >> bill: but he he has hitler-liken 's that the jews should be exterminated. there is no difference. >> i wouldn't want my name on that story unless it was just for 24 hours until tomorrow when i grilled him and tried to nail him. at least made an attempt at at
5:43 pm
it. as i say, if she does that i'm willing to say the jury is out. if she does that tomorrow, no harm, no foul. if tomorrow there is no interview or another kissy facie piece like this, then that's pretty embarrassing. i don't know which it is yet. >> bill: as i said in the top i don't have any beef against ann curry. she hasn't done anything that i can tell has been outrageous in her career. she has been pretty steady. now, paul krugman and the other guy i don't even remember his name anymore. i mean, this stuff on 9/11, you know, very upsetting. i don't know -- there he is, hedges. i don't know how. >> chris hedges. >> bill: they have a new editor over there. i don't know how they live with this. i'm thinking about the fox news channel. if you came on the show and you said, you know, bill, america is a terrorist nation. you know, we're as bad as al qaeda. >> right. >> bill: we're shameful. we're disgusting.
5:44 pm
all of this. we wouldn't use you here. it's not that you don't have the right to say it it's just that we have the right to bring to our viewers some honesty. honesty, that's the key word. honesty. but i guess they don't feel the same way. >> well, i think it's important to try to understand how this comes about. these pieces by krugman and hedges may have been published in the last 24 hours or so, but they were written in the 1960's because that's when this reflective liberal position kicked in that if something goes wrong it's america's fault and america is a shameful country as a result. before that, forever before that, liberals as well as conservatives thought america was a great country. but starting in the 1960's with vietnam, which dramatically changed both america and american liberalism, another feeling set in. and that is at best, at best,
5:45 pm
america is a deeply flawed country and at worst america is a country that should be ashamed of themself. while i'm not talking about all liberals, i want to make one thing very clear. yeah, those two are on the hard left. but there are a lot of other liberals who aren't on the hard left who think the same way. these people are part of the hollywood left feels this way. professors at some of our best universities feel this way. and too many so-called mainstream journalists feel this way. it isn't just the hard left, bill. >> bill: bernie thanks very much as always. reality check on deck tonight a very important announcement about the wounded warrior project. also, serena williams going ballistic at the open. >> screwed me over last time i was here. >> all right. all right. check is next.
5:46 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check. we begin with a very important announcement about the wounded warrior project especially of in light of the 9/11 tenth anniversary. as you know the factor supports our wounded military people all over the world, raising more than a million dollars for the fisher house and hundreds of thousands of dlarsz for the wounded warrior project over the years. now we have a stunning announcement to make. the five living presidents, jimmy carter, presidents bush the elder and the younger, bill clinton, and barack obama have all signed a wounded warriors poster. in fact, we have three of them that they signed. we are putting the first poster up for auction today. and i am opening the bidding. i myself am bidding $10,000 to
5:50 pm
open. now, the grouping of the signatures is unique. the five living presidents have signed no other document, as far as we know and we have researched it therefore, the poster is a historical and very valuable piece. now i know many folks can't afford to get into this auction. therefore the wounded warrior project will send you a facsimile of that poster for donation of $25 or more. simply go to bill o' we have a link over to the wounded warrior project. if you want to top my bid in the actual auction for the actual document you can do that directly on bill o' again, this is a historical document. not likely to be duplicated. and we thank the presidents, they are patriots for doing this. we will give you the results of the auction two weeks from this evening. all right? it is amazing. that san amazing thing to have. check 2. fox news put together one of the best look backs at 9/11 i have ever seen.
5:51 pm
♪ ♪ >> oh my god! >> there was another one. we just saw -- we just saw another one. this has to be deliberate, folks. we just saw on live television as a second plane flew into the second tower of the world trade center. >> bill: con great legs for fnc for extalent coverage yesterday. i hope you saw some of it check 3. but there was some not so excellent coverage yesterday as well brought to you by serena williams the tennis player. serena became angry because she lost a point after she yelled during a volley. that's not allowed. serena was anything but serene toward the umpire. >>
5:52 pm
>> bill: ms. williams eventually lost the match to samantha -- and ms. williams was fined $2,000 to booted. check 4. last week we ran a commercial for the ford motor company saying you should consider buying their vehicles because they refused to take bailout money. it was a good spot. now, i always buy american. i'm driving a gm car right now because i know the guys who work in the dealership. they are good guys. the cadillac i'm driving is running great and g.m. has paid back most of the tarp money it accepted. i'm following that story. check believes it's very important right now that americans buy domestically made vehicles. it obviously helps the economy. there is another reason as well. service. recently my corporation had to
5:53 pm
do business with hyundai, the korean car company, not good. service, awful. even though we alerted hyundai to the problem. so, a word to the wise, be smart and patriotic, buy american. and finally check 5 some confusion over the release of my new book "killing lincoln." it will be in the store two weeks from tomorrow. i believe you will find it very entertaining and informative. i will be doing some book signings around the country. time something tight and the first one on the schedule is october 29th in connecticut. miller and i will be doing the bolder fresher show. before the show i will be signing copies of "killing lincoln" and pinheads and patriots has just been released in the paperback. hope to see you in connecticut. the tv edition up next tonight. starring 9/11 and the kids. coming right back. ( grunting )
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5:57 pm
law is a commentator. do you not see the difference. commentators can be as unbalanced as they want. i prove that every evening. >> bill: obviously that's my opening monologue. i think you are asking about talking points as a rhetorical device. talking points believes, et cetera. using that is better than saying "i" all the time. is it not? talking points thinks it is. >> bill: comparing factor gear to ge is like comparing puff daddy to elvis. we use american distributors to make sure our stuff is good quality, inexpensive and can
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5:59 pm
the greatest president eve ever had. >> bill: excellent signed pinheads and patriots on the way to northern ireland. hope you like it. finally pinheads and patriots tv side. our pal spike lee sometimes does dubious stuff. recently he produced a commercial store state farm insurance. ♪ ♪ new york ♪ there's nothing you can't do now you're in new york ♪ these streets will make you feel brand new, they will inspire you ♪ here in new york ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill:


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